from the start

i decided to create a separate blog to document baby silver. j and i took these fantastic classes with dr. carrie, a prenatal/perinatal psychologist, and learned all about the fantastic world of babies. from preconception to breathing air, our babies have amazing capacities that most of us take for granted, or are at least ignorant to. and while i’ve always been overambitious about journaling, this is important history for our little silverbaby to have access to. i’m committed!

we found out i had life brewing in me about 2 weeks ago – june 17 to be exact. so that means baby silver’s conception was likely on june 5, 2006. go baby! i felt pretty great the first week or so after we found out – no crazy symptoms. and then last week it hit me. naseau, extreme hunger, bloating, fatigue, short fuse, crampy, light headed. lovely symptoms aren’t they! but they also are strong, happy reminders that there is another life inside of me, which is completely overwhelming to me at this point. the hunger deal is crazy though. j calls me the garbage disposal. i can’t eat enough food! last thursday i was so hungry for chinese food i thought i would die if it didn’t inhale potstickers and moo shoo. today it’s all about a burger and onion rings and it’s 9:45 am.

so i’m 6 weeks tomorrow (they count it from the first day of your last period). we have our first dr. appointment on july 11 and they’ll do an ultrasound. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t nervous – i pray everyday that baby silver is healthy and strong. we should be able to see a little peanut with a heartbeat!

here is what baby silver may have looked like last week:
and now!:it’s pretty unbelievable to look at pictures of embryos on the internet. it’s freaky and yet completely beautiful and miraculous. baby silver is not even as big as a blueberry!

this blog is a secret for now – we’re waiting until we get close to finishing the first trimester before telling family and friends. it seems like forever, but i know in real time it’s only about a month away. hopefully this blog will give me an outlet so i’m not too tempted to spill the beans.

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