holy cow, we’re having twins!

j and i had our first ultrasound today and got the surprise of our lives – two babies with two strong heartbeats! i was a nervous wreck before the ultrasound and just wanted to see a heartbeat. when the doctor said, “i see one heartbeat, now let’s look at the other baby” i started laughing hysterically and crying at the same time. it was the most amazing image i have ever seen – two flickers in two peanuts on a black and white screen. both babies measured exactly 7 weeks, which is exactly where they should be.

here’s the very first picture of our babies:
baby a is on the right and baby b is on the left. the big dark blobs are the gestational sacs. the babies are the peanut-like solids and the round things with the dark in the middle are the yolk sacs. each baby measured .94 centimeters, which is about the size of a small blueberry! the doc thinks they are definitely fraternal because of the thick membrane between the two.

i don’t know if it’s quite sunk in for me yet, but i guess this explains why i’ve already developed a little pooch. the strangest thing is that i actually had a dream i was having twins and this past week i haven’t been able to get the idea of twins out of my mind. chalk it up to mother’s intuition.

jordan and i will be anxious to make it to the end of the first trimester, especially with twins, as there is a slightly higher risk of losing one of the babies. but after seeing two heartbeats, our ob (who we love) said we have a 90 percent chance of the babies being healthy. we go in for our next appointment on july 25 when the babes will be 9 weeks. in the meantime, i have a work trip for 5 days in alburqurque and then we move, which will be excellent distractions.

we’ve told our moms and my dad but we going to keep this a secret from the rest of the world until we make it to 12 weeks. it’s going to be super tough now that we know what we know. TWINS!

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