8 weeks and counting

the babies took their first trip this past weekend. the three of us went to albuquerque for work and had a great time! we stayed at the beautiful hyatt tamaya resort in the mountains (http://tamaya.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp), ate lots of green chile-spiced new mexican food and visited amazing pueblo sites.

here’s me at the jemez state monument, a 700 year old pueblo ruin with fransiscan church built on site in the 17th century:

I even got to stand in the shed where little boy was assembled at los alomos (freaky!). we had to get special clearance to go “behind the fence” of the high explosives area. i kept asking if there was any radiation risk and i was assured it was perfectly safe. it was pretty strange to drive past buildings that said “detonation testing” and the like. and the energy inside the little boy building – a totally unassuming and stripped down shed – was palpable. i feel privaledged and sad at the same time to have experienced this site that caused such devastation and completely changed the course of history. on to lighter topics…

my symptoms: at times i feel great, but most of the time i’m very tired, and some of the time i feel pretty sicky. good news though that i’m not throwing up at all (thank god!). my hunger is persistent and at times ravishing and i’m thirsty all the time. and i can no longer tease jordan about his pea-sized bladder because i can’t hold it for more than 2 hours, which includes while i’m sleeping! other than that (i won’t mention the more intimate symptoms), i feel pretty darn good! my belly is burgeoning faster than i imagined and it’s getting tough to wear my regular clothes. it’s funny how something like this will make you realize that every decent shirt you own is form-fitted! i’m down to wearing my low-rider stretchy jeans and a few pairs of pants that were big to begin with. i broke down and bought a few shirts at old navy that hide the bulge until i’m ready to share the news. and mom sent me a slew of darling maternity clothes that i can’t wait to wear. honestly, they are way cuter than my normal wardrobe!

we move tomorrow to our house on the greenbelt and will be setting up all weekend. tuesday is our next appointment and ultrasound and we can’t wait to see how our silverbabes have grown. until then!

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