we saw action today! today was our 9 week appointment – an hour of questions about our medical and family history and four vials of blood later, we got to see our silver babies. we peered in on baby b first and he (i’ll use one of each gender just because i can’t bear to refer to them as “its”) was all wiggly and moving about. at one point we actually saw his legs kick! here he his in aerial view. his head is on the left and you can almost make out his leg on the right.

baby a was sleeping when we peeked on her, but after a minute or so she started wiggling too, and gave us a perfect jiujitsu arm thrust. here she is in profile and you can see that her head takes up about half her length (she takes after her father).

here is baby a’s close up (i swear i can see her eye and smile!):

both babes are measuring perfect for their age – 2.4 cm (about one inch) and 9 weeks to the day. they both had glorious heart beats. if you can imagine a big fat purple grape, that’s about how big they are. we head back for our next appointment in three weeks, which will mark the end of our first trimester. i have to say, seeing both babies wiggling about was just about the most amazing thing jordan and i have ever witnessed. i fell in love with them immediately and it now seems very real.

we are also going to start documenting my belly, so here i am in front of our new fireplace:

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