10 week mark

not much new to post in preggo land, other than it’s my dad’s birthday today and i can’t believe he is 72 years old. which means i’m going to be 32 later this year – yikes! a big happy birthday to dad for living this long and being in such great shape. it’s a good thing because we’ve got great things in store for him when he visits us in austin, like changing lots of diapers and being agile enough to bounce two babies on his knee at the same time!

i have two new lovely symptoms to report – an occasional dull headache and a constant back ache, like in my sciatica. the back ache might be from moving stuff, at least i hope it is, ’cause it’s WAY TOO EARLY for these babies to be giving me back grief! other than my constant, ravenous, must east every hour or i’ll bite your head off appetite, things are pretty good. i’m tired a lot. i have weird food issues that make me even more convinced that i should be a vegetarian (any “whole” meat product – like steak, chicken breast, a pork chop – makes my stomach turn; on the flip side, any tart fruit is fabu). my belly is popping even more, and we’ll have to take a picture soon to document. all my normal fitting clothing is pretty much not happening any more. good thing i have a few baggy items that i can still wear.

here’s a picture off one of the zillions of pregnancy websites that shows what a 10 week old alien – i mean baby – looks like. now imagine two of these in my belly!

two more weeks until our next appointment and we can finally let this cat (or cats, i should say) all the way out of the bag!

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