jordan here… so, good news to report, my belly is not growing! i’ve been reading this great book called ‘the expectant father’ and it has been incredibly helpful. there is this thing called couvade symptoms which explains my sleepiness, food cravings and splitting headaches. apparently it effects 90% of men during pregnancy so atleast i know now that i’m not losing it. watching tracey go through all these changes is really cool, but at the sametime i feel helpless at times when she’s tired, feeling sick, etc. she is truly the most amazing person in my eyes and i can’t believe that we have two babies inside her belly. she is going to be the absolute best mother in the world (no offense mama, no offense mama-alina). i am so excited and can hardly contain myself. but i am also scared and i pray everday for her health and our babies’ health. this is such an incedible experience and i can’t wait to meet the little ones.

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