gender spoiler alert warning!

we were cautiously optimistic we might find out the babies’ genders at our appointment yesterday. while still being a little early (just over 15 weeks now), we heard with a good ultrasound and the babies in the right position…bingo! well, we got our bingo and the prize is two baby boys!

i think it’s some strange right of passage for parents to publicize pics of their naked children (for proper embarassment, of course). this can be categorized as an “up shot of the bunz” with two chub legs on either side of the evidence. doesn’t get much better than this:

it’s really fun being able to rub my tum and say “how ya’ doing boys?” it feels that much more real now! most of you know that i truly thought they would be a boy and girl. after the initial shock, i’m now totally loving the idea of our two lil’ guys. hopefully it will mean less maintenance (no pig tails, dresses, etc.), less drama and more rough housing. i even have this vision of the two of them climbing on top of matilda and riding her around like a horse…definitely a texas-themed holiday picture in our future with cowboy hats and all! for now, they still look like skeletor:

so the boys are doing great. they did extensive measurements of just about everything (head, belly, femur, etc.) and both are growing the same and fast – 16 weeks and 2 days. boy b was in true form, flipping around and diving when the tech would try and get a measurement. boy a was pretty chill, wiggling his arms and legs but generally staying in one place. i wonder if these are their personalities developing already, or if boy a is a tumbler too, just not when we peek in on him. i’m really trying not to make assumptions based on what we see of them at ultrasounds – i’d hate to unduly influence one boy into being a nutball and the other to be passive! anyways, here’s the one good shot the tech could get of our nutball:

i’m doing really well, too! the past month has been characterized by some good days interspersed with some pretty bad days. the bad days have just been extreme fatigue, no appetite, achey belly and back – just crumby feeling. but i think that i’ve turned a corner this week. i can feel that i have more energy during the day and my appetite is even coming back -even some meat is doable! maybe i’ve entered the fabled second trimester bliss? keep your fingers crossed!

the doc can now measure what’s called my “fundal height,” which is how big my uterus is getting. at a little over 15 weeks, i’m measuring at what someone with with a singleton would be at 19 weeks. this is reassuring to me, as the books say someone with twins typically measures 6-8 weeks ahead of schedule (yup, i had my second anxiety attack of the pregnancy after reading that one). so i feel like i’m growing in proportion to my size, but i’ll probably laugh at myself for writing that when i’m 30 weeks along! here’s a pretty dorky picture of me, my belly and a blurry mati:

sorry for the never ending post. i promise to update more often from now on!

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