birthday action

happy birthday j! my wonderful hubby is 32 today. we met right before we both turned 28 and i remember making him a batch of chocolate chip cookies for his birthday care package and burning my wrist on the oven. i still have the scar – now that’s true love! i can’t believe where those 4 years have gone. well, actually i can. it consists of a delightful whirlwind of moving across the country, getting engaged, married, moving across the country again, renovating a house, moving into a new house, and now having two babies. i know time moves a lot faster when you get older, but when i look back it seems like warp speed. like a whole lifetime squinched into a few years, but in a very good, satisfying way. and now with these two baby boys, i can’t wait for our next life to begin!

speaking of the boys…they gave j the best birthday present by letting us feel them move today! over the past week i’ve thought i felt them move in the middle of the night, but it was hard to tell given my barely conscious state. but today it is definite and indescribably amazing. i first felt them at lunch (they must like tacos), sitting on the gallery porch with anne. by the way, it’s a perfect day, clear and sunny and in the mid 80s with a glorious breeze. we are just sitting, talking, laughing and enjoying when all of a sudden i feel a flutter. almost like a gurgle, like when you eat something that isn’t quite working for you, except this gurgle is completely harmless and on the right side of my projecting belly. and since lunch i’ve been feeling it more and more. i think it’s just one baby, because it’s definitely in one spot. and either he is wiggling his little butt all over the place, or he’s flutter kicking his legs like he’s swimming.

it’s pretty wild to be sitting in my office with no one else, and realize that i am not alone.

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