look ma, no stretch marks! (yet)

we’re rounding the 18 week bend and doing great! we had another dr appointment last thursday and the boys are terrific. they are growing like weeds and as a result, so is my belly. it’s the craziest thing to see dramatic changes in a matter of days. and i can also feel the sensation of my belly stretching. but i’ve been religious with slathering on my concoction of super-concetrated vitamin E lotion and cocoa butter, and so far, no stretch marks!

sometimes when i look in the mirror, i really am taken aback by what is happening with my body. imagine waking up one morning and looking like you swallowed a bowling ball! it all just happens so fast and it’s truly a miracle what our bodies are capable of – let alone what is actually happening inside! it has been a serious lesson for me, however, to let go of things that i have no control over, as well as to respect the limits of my body now. i’m used to pushing myself physically, whether exercising or just always being on the go. that’s not an option anymore, and it has been an amazing lesson to learn! to give you some perspective on my growth, two weeks ago i was measuring at 19 weeks (really at 15 weeks). now i’m measuring at 24 weeks (really at 17.5 weeks). here’s me on my birthday (9/20) – i’m 32 now!

one of the more important points of having twins is to gain lots of weight early on in the pregnancy. this has been proven to prevent preterm labor, premature birth and low birth weight. they say if you’re normal size, you should gain 20 – 25 pounds by week 20 (gasp!). i really didn’t think it was possible for me, especially since i’m really not piling in the calories. well, i’m happy to report that i’ve officially met my goal of 20 pounds! don’t ask me how i did it…

j and i love going to doctor appointments because it means we get to see the boys. i was shocked to see how big they were! we could see everything – their fingers and toes, their well-developed spines, and of course, their sweet skeletor faces! baby a is facing head down on the left side of my belly and he was showing off with upside-down 360s with his one arm behind his head (total diver-style!). baby b is laying horizontal above baby a, which explains why i’ve felt like there is someone laying on my lungs. he was using my uterus as a trampoline and bouncing up and down. here’s his foot planting, about to spring off:

and just in case y’all need a little help getting in the halloween mood, here is baby a’s face (the pirate eye patch you see on his top eye is actually the lens of his eye!):

our next appointment is in two weeks for our 20 week anatomy(s) scan. they’ll look at all their organs and make sure everything looks the way it should. after that, i’ll also start seeing a perinatalogist who specializes in multiples. i feel very taken care of!

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