i officially no longer have an inny belly button. it’s kind of like i have no belly button anymore. well, there’s a little part of it that sticks out like an outy, but the rest of it is just flat. it’s the strangest thing to run my finger over it and realize that it no longer indents in! i wonder if it will really pop out like i’m a cooked turkey? i wonder if after i shrink down to normal size, if my belly button also reverts?

j noticed my lack of belly button last night, which makes perfect sense to me, because this past week we’ve witnessed yet another growth spurt (i know i need to stop saying things like “another growth spurt” – silly me). my belly is really getting big! we have an appointment tomorrow with a specialist, a perinatologist, who will be performing a comprehensive ultrasound on the boys. dr. barry will measure the munchkins and look at every organ, nook and cranny to make sure all is well. apparantly the office has a killer ultrasound machine with a big screen that the images are projected onto. so cool!

we are also on the hunt for a new OB. we really do like our current OB, but we’re not all on the same page when it comes to birthing philosophies. she requires an epidural and i don’t like that one bit. when it comes to twins there are all sorts of challenges and potentially complicating factors. i understand all that. we have about a coin-toss chance of having a vaginal vs. a c-section birth, and in the case of a vaginal birth, i’d like the option of not having an epidural. now that’s not to say that i won’t get to labor and decide that an epidural is the greatest idea since sliced bread; it’s the notion that i wouldn’t even be able to decide with our current doctor. for those of you who would like to know, if my pregnancy progresses well, and if the presenting baby is positioned head down, we can go for a vaginal birth. but if baby a is breech or sideways, we’ll have to schedule a c-section. it’s that simple. i have faith in myself and our babies, and if possible, i’d like as intervention-free of a birth as possible.

i promise i’ll post some pictures of our progress in the next few days. i’m holding out for some killer baby pictures tomorrow. also, i had j take some belly shots of me last night and they were hideous! i don’t know if i really do look that huge or if it was just a really bad angle. anyways, we’ll do another photoshoot maybe tonight and see how they come out. there will be no fugly pictures of me on this blog, no matter how enormous i get!

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