a good place at 22+ weeks

we are finally all settled in with our doctors. we had our first appointment with our new ob – get this, dr. love – and we love him! he has a great, laid back demeanor, and spent tons of time with us making sure all our questions were answered. we also got a quick peek at the boys and they were both head down, one directly on my bladder (which i could definitely feel).

today we also visited our new perinatologist and are enrolled in their special “twins program.” we got a full sonogram and again the boys look fabulous. they are 1lb 3oz and 1lb 4oz and still measuring about 1 week ahead. i’m measuring at 27 weeks. here i am!

it seems that everytime i go in for a sonogram, i’ve just eaten and the boys are wiggly-worms after getting some food energy. it’s so amazing seeing them moving around, though! today, baby b had moved into breech position but baby a was still head down. even though it doesn’t seem like it, they’ve got lots of room to move and flip about. it won’t be until 32-34 weeks until they run out of room and their positions will be more or less set.

on the whole, i feel really good! i have pretty bad sacroilliac (back) pain, but that’s about it. i’m doing prenatal yoga and walking. the yoga feels terrific. we also have been taking a childbirth class and have met some really great couples. we watched a birth last night of a midwife in mexico. during labor she went into this trace-like state and looked totally possessed. it was a little unsettling thinking i might look like that, and at one point i looked at up at jordan and asked him if he was going to be able to handle seeing me in labor. it was REALLY intense!

it’s actually really fun being pregnant and i absolutely love feeling the boys move around. i feel them all throughout every day now, especially after i eat. and they either love or hate mexican food, because they go crazy when i eat it! i had a great experience last weekend at yoga with the boys. it was the end of class and we were in shavasana. the boys hadn’t moved the whole class, but i put a hand over each of them as i was relaxing and sent them a bunch of love. at the same exact time, they both kicked into in my hand. it was absolutely amazing and affirmed that i have these beautiful people growing inside of me and that they know how much i love them.

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