my left foot

no, we didn’t just watch the daniel day lewis flick…it just perfectly sums up my tribulations of late. about a week ago i got this shooting pain in the middle of my heel, which i would learn is plantar faciatus (sp?). it’s basically the ligament that runs under your foot and mine is a wee bit upset at me lately. sudden weight gain (i.e. pregnancy = me) can bring it on, as well as lots of activity (running, etc. = not me). i don’t think the recent flats i bought with no heel or arch support helped. it’s getting better with stretching, yoga and general rest, though.

the trials of my left foot don’t stop there, however. a few days ago i opened up the fridge to find a beer flying off the side door and bursting into a thousand pieces in front of me. oh, the irony of not being able to indulge in a beer for the past 7 months and then having to smell the bock for the next 20 minutes while i clean it up! well, i must not have cleaned it up good enough because later than day i managed to step on an ever-so-tiny piece of glass. j couldn’t find the glass in my foot, but i knew one had to be in there when i woke up the next morning and couldn’t bear any weight. so with a sliver of glass wedged into the ball of my foot and my heel killing me, let’s just say i was pretty ineffective! i got it out and all is better now. my left foot is either a short-term curse or it’s god’s way of distracting me from other things – she’s a smart one, after all!

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