feeling babies move in utero is truly one of the mircale experiences of being pregnant. and i feel blessed that the boys give me plenty of opportunities to feel them throughout every day. in fact, my hands are on my belly so much that j recently asked me if i thought i would habitually keep touching my belly after the boys are born!

baby a has pretty much stayed in the same position (head down), but he wiggles and thrusts his arms and legs about constantly. he does handstand pushups against my bladder and flutter kicks his legs like he’s swimming which i feel higher up. i often wonder what it must be like for him to be upside down all the time and if he’s going to miss this position when he’s born!

baby b makes more wholesale movements and completely somersaults his body around. he’s usually butt down, but last weekend during a movie i felt some major tumbling going on and suddenly realized he had flipped his position to be head down. the extra space in my upper belly was fantastic! a few days later he flipped back (bummer). i have a feeling that won’t be the last of it.

both boys also have times during the day where they make really smooth movements with their arms and legs, like they’re cat stretching or doing an arabesque. i’ll feel a gentle push and when my hand reaches it, i feel a distinct body part, like a heel, knee or elbow, through my belly. we also play tag at least once a day where i tap on my belly and they tap back. we can usually go back and forth for about a minute!

they both have definite periods of activity throughout the day and always respond to food (about 30 minutes after i eat they start at it), sweets/sugar, and movies. going to the theater is quite an experience – i think it’s just so loud and gets them all excited. i don’t feel them so much at night, but that may be just me being such a sound sleeper (i know, take advantage of it now!). they start rustling in the morning about the time that jordan wakes up at 6am – i think they miss their dad sleeping next to them.

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