j and i took a fantastic childbirth class with my old neighbor and friend, marcela. marcela is a doula, massage therapist, childbirth educator and overall wonderful person. we loved it! we learned about the technical aspects of labor and birth, creatively tapped into our strengths and fears, and generally had great conversation about the process of childbirth. needless to say, we learned a lot. there were several exercises where we were asked to draw our perceptions and reactions to different situations. j invariably drew pictures of me in labor with our babies coming out of me catapulted in the air towards him or the doctors. hmmm….

here is our graduating class, minus two couples (one couple is also having twins and is further along then us and couldn’t make it; the other couple had their baby early, only after two classes). we loved sharing this experience with everyone and can’t wait to see them again at our reunion with all our babies!

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