ode to matlida

this is my new favorite picture of our girl, matilda. we often wonder how things will be different for her with the arrival of the boys, if she’ll love them or growl at them, protect them and lick their feet and toes. she’s had issues in the past with little munchkins, i think more out of fear of not knowing what they are (aliens, perhaps?). we got a clue into her amazing, gentle demeanor when jake stayed with us. mati was so good with him, so curious but respectful. and when he left i think she really missed him. i think mati will be an amazing dog for our boys, as they’re babies but especially when they are old enough to really interact with her. i see her always being by their side, watching out for them, making sure they are safe. wanting to play and lick their hands after they eat. sleeping in front of their crib. but no matter how she is with the boys, one thing is for sure…she’ll always be our girl.

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