third trimester stretch

we had our 27 week ultrasound and perinatal appt. on tuesday and i’m pleased to report that me and the boys are doing great! the boys are both head down and growing like weeks, weighing in at 2lb 3oz (baby a) and 2lb 6oz (baby b). they are measuring right where a singleton baby would be! all of their legs and feet are concentrated in the upper part of my belly, which explains all the crazy movement i feel above my belly button. i can imagine them playing footsie with one another – how cute! my belly is measuring at 33 weeks and i’ve now gained a total of 37 pounds, thanks in part to our recent vacation in chicago. the doctors are thrilled with my weight gain, as it’s common to actually lose weight in the last trimester, so you need a good reserve. from here on out, the boys will each gain between 6-8 oz each week. i can’t believe that we are already in the final stretch. most doctors won’t let a twin pregnancy go past 37-38 weeks, and most mom’s deliver twins in the 36 week range. that means we’re just about 2 months from meeting our babes!

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