i’m a vivid dreamer as it is, but i have to tell you, nothing comes close to the dreams i’ve had since these babies entered the picture. last night i dreamt we went to the hospital and checked into the labor and delivery room. it was like a mcdonalds from the late 70s, all burnt orange, mustard, rust and brown. i was a little taken aback by the decor, but once i saw the giant hot tub, separate shower and another bath tub, i was pretty psyched! i started to unpack, which mainly consisted of finding a mini-fridge for all of the farmers market produce jordan had brought. we’re talking the most beautiful red peppers, eggplant, and celery you’ve ever seen. i was in my glory knowing we had all these beautiful veggies to cook during our stay. in scoping out the place, i also managed to find a breast pump and my curiosity got the best of me. i put it together, hooked myself up to it and turned it on – and magically milk was coming out (mind you i hadn’t even had the babies yet). i was so thrilled! mom and jordan then came into the room and i had this sudden realization that this might all be premature – i hadn’t had one contraction yet, and here we were in the hospital. i started to get concerned about this…and then i woke up. bring on the interpretations, my friends!

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