30 weeks and going strong

i look forward to going to the doctor every week for my dose of peace of mind. this friday was no exception – everything is looking great! i’m steadily gaining weight (about a pound a week), my blood pressure is good, babies’ heartbeats are going strong and my cervix remains long and closed (this is very important in terms of pre-term labor). my belly is now measuring 36 weeks, so i continue to consistently look about 5-6 weeks ahead of where i’m really at. i have to say that this was my biggest fear early on in the pregnancy – i literally had several panic attacks thinking i would be gigantic at this point. i’m sure i’ll get to the point where i feel like a beached whale, but so far i’ve avoided the obnoxious comments from strangers like “you must be about to pop any minute now,” etc. if anything, it’s been the opposite – most people say, “you don’t look that big considering you have two babies in there.” and believe me, when i hear that i feel very, very grateful and lucky.

this week i altered my work schedule so i’m now telecommuting 3.5 days a week. it’s nearly impossible for me to make it through a full day at the office, and if i try, i really pay for it. again, i couldn’t be more grateful for my bosses and their understanding and flexibility! i get tired and uncomfortable pretty quickly now, especially if i’m on my feet or sitting for a while. my body really likes being horizontal! also i noticed last night that my feet have grown about 1/2 a size. i put on my favorite (new mind you!) heels to where to j’s office holiday party, and they were clearly too short. drats! i’m also occassionally getting some reflux in the middle of the night and have to take a few tums for relief. i’d say it happens a few times a week, so not too bad in the grand scheme of things. and this morning j pronounced after a stretch mark inspection that the linea nigra finally appeared! still stretch mark free, but i can’t imagine coming through this totally unscathed.

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