tarot reading

i had a tarot reading last night at j’s office holiday party. i actually took it seriously and concentrated on a key question while shuffling the deck. my question was what our birth experience would be like and the results were very affirming. the cards read:

1. you are in control of your boundaries: meaning there won’t be any emergencies or situations that i can’t make decisions about. i will be able to set the course of action for the birth (i.e. drug-free, etc).
2. clear your past: i need to free myself of any fears or worries i have from past experiences or thoughts. this is an interesting one, especially because we learned that most women will have at least one time during labor where things aren’t progressing and their doula or midwife will ask them what they are fearful of. once they confront this and let it out, their labor progresses!
3. back to basics: we’ll have a labor and birth that is exactly that – back to the basics of what women have been doing for thousands and thousands of years.
4. use your spiritual guides: that i’ll have my spiritual “helpers” gathered around me for this event and i can call on them for strength and guidance.

i love these affirmations! i’m going to keep them close to me from here on out. since so many unexpected things happen during labor and birth, it will be interesting to compare what really happens to this prediction.

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