wonderful friends

my beautiful friend anne threw us an amazing shower in austin on dec. 17. it was intimate, low-key and complete with many of my wonderful friends and colleagues. unfortunately i brought our digital camera with a dead battery, so i’ll have to wait for other pictures to come in to post.

anne organized one of the more touching activities i’ve been a part of to date – i’ll call it “bead intentions.” a bowl full of beads were passed around the room and when it came to you, you picked a bead and stated a wish, intention or words of wisdom for the boys (or me and j), and then threaded the bead on a leather string. i was truly touched by every word that was spoken and overwhelmed (to tears, of course!) by the love and wisdom of all the women in the room. my friends shared some very practical nuggets like “silence is never good when it comes to two little boys;” to heartfelt experiences like “even though it will feel overwhelming, no book, video or instructor will be able to tell you exactly what to do when your babies arrive. these are your babies, you created them, and you must trust your intuition to be your guide.”

since i’ve been focusing more and more on the birth of these babes, one comment particularly hit home for me. “labor and birth and the few weeks after are the most miraculous, beautiful and wonderful times. savor these moments. people may tell you that it’s painful and overwhelming and hard, but really it’s magical.” i love this sentiment. i’ve thought about it a lot. we have the priveledge of experiencing our sons at this precious time only once in our lives, and i’m looking forward to every second of it.

i plan on keeping my string of beads with me, and all the beautiful intentions and energy of my friends, throughout the labor and birth of our boys. i feel truly blessed.

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