belly at 32 weeks

we had our 32 week “twin” check up yesterday and i’m now officially measuring at 39 weeks. my belly is almost at full term (but trust me, it feels beyond full term to me)! everything is looking good and the boys hearbeats sounded great. my blood pressure has increased a bit over the past few weeks and my diastolic is now around 80, where it used to be 60. everything else is fine, though, so the docs aren’t worried about hypertension. keep your fingers crossed we continue to sail smoothly for another 4 weeks. our goal date for these guys is january 30, which is our 36 week mark. anything after that will be gravy! here i am in the boys room – i’ll take more shots of their room and post soon. it’s almost finished, thanks to mom doing an amazing amount of work washing their clothes and linens and organizing over christmas, and dad’s work-of-art hand built changing station (see below). but i really need to sing the praises of j, who put this fantastic room together pretty much single-handedly. he’s already an amazing dad and the boys aren’t even here yet!

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