33 weeks (plus 2 days)

there’s an interesting similarity between the first and third trimester where you become an obsessive day counter. early on, the days can’t tick by fast enough until your out of the first 12 weeks and in the safety zone. now the days can’t tick by fast enough until these boys are out of my belly and into our arms (safety zone again!). 34 weeks is a huge benchmark for us, as the boys will be well-developed and could very safely arrive if they so choose. in fact, once we hit 34 weeks, our doctor wouldn’t stop labor if it started! now we also have a personal goal for team silverbabies to get to 36 weeks – jan. 30. this is considered full-term for twins and chances that we’d be able to take the boys home with us are very good.

i see the doctors twice a week now – early in the week is my “twin” appointment at the perinatal group and fridays i see my regular ob. since my blood pressure has been on the high side, i’m getting biophysical profiles of the boys every week. this is very non-invasive and includes monitoring their heartrates for about 15 minutes and then a quick ultrasound to check amniotic levels, breathing, movements, etc. we had our first one last tuesday and the boys passed with flying colors. i think as long as they look healthy and continue to thrive, my doc won’t do anything drastic about the blood pressure. of course i LOVED seeing the boys again and they are both head down still (literally “butting heads”) with their backs facing my belly. this is the perfect position for delivery, so keep your fingers crossed they’re comfy and stay there.

physically i’m uncomfortable but definitely hanging in there. i’m still measuring at 39 weeks and my pubic discomfort has let up a little (or i’m just tolerating the pain more). because of my high blood pressure, i’m laying down a lot. it always drops to normal as soon as i hit horizontal. i feel best in the mornings, so i try and take advantage of this to accomplish most of what i need to be upright for. all in all, i’m doing very good, my spirits are high and i’m so optimistic about finally meeting our lil’ guys!

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