almost to 35

on tuesday we hit week 35. it seems so surreal and both jordan and i have this sense of calm about the possibility of labor happening any day now. the boys have their growth ultrasound on tuesday, but i know they are big and strong enough that if they were born today, they’d be just fine. my guess is that they’re at least 5 lbs each now! i had my last “twin” appointment at the perinatal group on thursday, and while my cervix is still closed and long, laura noticed it had softened quite a bit. the next morning, i lost my “plug” – essentially a ball of mucusy snot that covers your cervix during pregnancy. labor could still be weeks away when you lose your plug, but still it marks good progression! i then saw dr. love friday afternoon and he seems to think i’ll go into labor in the next week or two. my blood pressure is still borderline high, but he’s being very calm and non-reactionary about it (thank god!). if it goes up dramatically, or if i have any preeclampsia symptoms (protein in urine, headaches, blurred vision, etc.), we’ll need to talk about inducing labor and having these babies. the good news is even if this does happen, it won’t affect us having a normal vaginal delivery. i still have some loose ends to tie up at work, so i’m going to try and finish all that today, just in case these boys decide to come this week. i know i’ll feel much better heading into week 35 and 36 with nothing hanging over me.

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