big boys

we had our 35 week ultrasound yesterday and the boys are bigger than we anticipated – a baby is 5lb 12oz an b baby is 5lb 7oz. yipee!!! i can’t believe i have over 11 lbs of baby in me, but boy my body sure believes it. i can really feel the weight of these guys in my stomach and my muscles that surround them are super-fatigued when i move/walk around (which isn’t much!). also, my belly is stretching so much now that the skin is getting pretty itchy. so i’m lube-ing up with vit. e and cocoa butter more than ever. when i go to the doctor now, everyone says “maybe we’ll see you next week.” i still have this feeling that we’ll reach our 36 week goal, but it’s truly starting to sink in that these boys can come any moment now and we are thrilled beyond belief!

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