sleeping, eating and burping

the life of a newborn, no? well in my case, i think i’ve regressed to these very basic functions dominating my life. i’m sleeping a lot, at least 10 hours a night, and i wouldn’t be surprised if i start adding naps to my daytime routine. i just can’t get enough zzz’s. hey, i’ll take it while i can get it! i’m thinking my body is also storing up energy. and speaking of energy, i’m still able to eat quite a bit. while i definitely feel the boys high up in my ribs and stomach, it hasn’t relegated me to super-tiny meals. so i’m trying to give the boys lots of protein in these last few weeks and me lots of good carbs for the marathon that can be labor and delivery. as far as the burping goes, this has been by far my funniest symptom and i’ve had it the entire pregnancy. i’ve become a champion belcher and have even achieved the coveted burping-and-talking-simultaneously status that all teenagers strive for. what’s even funnier is that, just like a newborn, the action of moving to a vertical status forces them out. so while i’m laying on my side, i’m pretty benign. but watch out when i stand up!

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