two weeks old!

the boys turned two weeks old yesterday and we have all settled in to happy family status. it’s truly hard to believe that 14 days have passed – it is going WAY too fast!

here we all are after a nice long walk around the neighborhood (yes, it feels amazing to be able to move around like a normal person again!):

oskar hersh

(aka ozzy, oz-man, tiger, big o, chunky monkey, block head)

loves: stretching, playing footsie and touch down with his arms, making kissy faces, getting kisses from matilda, manicures

hates: bath-time (mom is not giving up hope)

notes: by his two-week birthday, ozzy regained his birth weight of 5lb 7 oz and then some. he now weighs 5lb 9oz and his head grew a whopping centimeter (j is one proud papa). oz has a really strong neck and can already hold his head up for extended periods of time (which is a good thing, thanks to that huge head of his!). he’s a very mellow guy and just likes to hang out and go with the flow. he didn’t even cry during his heel prick at the doc’s office. he sleeps great and rarely fusses, except while getting a bath. i’m not surprised given the fact that everytime i took a bath while pregnant, ozzy was a wild man!

abel jacob

(aka a.j., a.b., squawk box, abel j, feist bucket)

loves: bath-time, making kissy faces, massages, the swing, eating, the soothie, being read too, walks in the bjorn

hates: being changed (especially the poopy variety), being woken up (who doesn’t!)

notes: by his two-week birthday, abel stunned us all with his growth. he weighed in at 5lb 1 oz, up from his birth weight of 4lb 13oz. clearly this boy loves to eat! even though abel was mellow in the womb, he’s definitely a rambunctous one. he’s fiesty as all get out when he wakes up but calms down really fast. he’s very articulate with his hands and fingers and loves to hold his ears, almost a “hear no evil” pose. he sleeps like a champ. he loves the water and just hangs out in the tub. he also burps like a truck driver! abel loves to talk and will just lay in his crib entertaining himself and his brother with all sorts of sounds.

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