blessing of grandparents

i’ve been wanting to write this post for a very long time but time has escaped me. now that i have one of my rascals sleeping in the sling as i type, and the other cozy in his bouncy seat, we’ll give it a go.

the boys are especially blessed because they have incredibly wonderful, generous and loving grandparents. j and i are blessed even more. we couldn’t have handled the past 9 weeks without the support of grandma lee-lee, grosspapa, nanna nan, and recently grandpa mickey.

my mom and dad (lee-lee and papa) hopped on a plane from chicago to austin the morning i gave birth – talk about excited new grandparents! they made sure jordan and i were fed, cleaned the house, walked matilda, doted on ozzy and abel, took on late night feedings, sterilized countless bottles and nipples, ran to babies-r-us for all the things we desparately needed but didn’t know about ahead of time, etc. my dad flew the coop after 10 days but mom stayed a full month to help. my mom was my partner by day in feeding and caring for the boys. i will forever be grateful for the month that she gave to us. i was in a crazy state for the first two weeks after giving birth, physically and emotionally, and she was a wonderful stablizing factor for us all. it brought me an incredible joy to see the boys peacefully sleeping on my mom’s chest – a joy that you can only realize once you become a mother yourself. and witnessing how gentle and careful my dad was while holding them, their tiny heads cupped in his slender, artists hands…gosh, it brings tears to my eyes bringing back the memories.

the first month passed faster than i could imagine and it was nanna nan’s turn to meet her grandsons. j’s mom is a bundle of energy but i think we caught her off guard with the business of our household. a notorious bad sleeper, she zonked out for a full 8 hours the second night she was here! nanna was full of songs and nursery rhymes for the boys, and cooked delicous soups and meals for us all. she was a zealous multi-tasker and would manage to clean the house, cook dinner, rock the boys and do laundry all at the same time! my mother-in-law is an incredible woman and i am so lucky to have her in my life. she brought us unconditional love and laughter at a time when the boys went through a major transition and growth spurt. and i got a glimpse at how much fun the boys will have with their nanna as they get older. we were all crying when she left…the next day i was on my own from 8 to 5.

j’s dad, grandpa mickey (mark), met his grandsons just a few weeks ago. i didn’t know mark that well before this visit, so i didn’t know what to expect. he was so hands-on with the boys from the get-go, holding and cuddling them, singing them songs in his deep baritone, burping them, taking them for walks and basically doing anything we asked. it was so wonderful having him in our home and i relished in seeing how much joy jordan found in watching his dad with our sons.

we are ever so grateful for our parents – for the role models they are for unconditional love, kindness and generosity of spirit. we love you!

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