three month turn

we can’t believe the boys turned three months old last friday. i never quite understood the cliche, “how time flies” until we had these boys. it has truly been a glorious whirlwind and i can’t wait for the next 3 months.

the boys are now 10 lbs. we had a bit of growing “pains” over the past month where ozzy put on very little weight. we have it under control now and he’s back on track. two weeks ago, abel had him beat by 6 oz. now, he’s upped abel by an once. i have a feeling this is only the beginning of many competitions between the two!

feeding has been our biggest challenge to date. i’m nursing them still, but they’re just not getting/taking in enough. so we’re supplementing a few times a day with either pumped milk or formula, depending on what we have on hand. i’ve made it my goal to breastfeed these guys until 6 months, and after that, all bets are off. i feel very ambivalent to breastfeeding these days. sometimes i love it and i feel an incredible intimacy with them during. other times i just don’t think i can do it anymore.

sleeping is where most babies/parents struggle, but this is one department where the boys really shine. they’ve been sleeping 5-6 hour stretches since they were 8 weeks old and it just keeps getting better and better. they switch off who can sleep the longest, many times going for 7 hours!!! we struggled with when to stop swaddeling them, and finally kicked it about a week ago. the first two nights were tough, and thank god we had my best friend and her boyfriend in town, as they helped out tremendously. the boys just didn’t know what to do with their arms, after sleeping the past 3 months with them burrito-ized. they would flail about doing crazy kung fu arm thrusts and wake themselves up every few minutes. by the third night, though, they were used to it and back to sleeping like champs. now they snooze in sweet little sleep sacks, which keep them cozy warm without the risk of a blanket. we just now instituted a bedtime ritual consisting of a bath, massage, a few books (which they usually sleep through), and then a bottle of either breast milk or formula. they usually zonk out before we even feed them (typically around 9pm), so we are going to move up their bedtime to an earlier hour and hopefully it will all make more sense. it’s funny doing this whole routine that is intented to get a baby to fall asleep with two babies who crash out right after the bath!

the boys are also great companions to go out with. we try and get out every day, either to run errands or visit friends, or just to go for a walk. we also take them out to eat with us all the time. j and i enjoyed a lovely dinner at the south congress cafe on friday night and the boys just snoozed away next to us in the booth. we are also part of a new moms/babies class every friday morning. there are about 7 moms and babies and we sing songs, swap stories and talk about the joys and challenges of being a new mom. i love being part of this group and it makes it so much easier to soothe a fussy baby (or two!) when you are with a community of other moms and babies. i just don’t understand why we have this culture of “doing it alone” here in the states.

the boys are doing all the typical 3 mo. stuff like clasping their hands, grapping-swatting-smiling at their toys, drooling a lot, putting things in their mouths, making lots of noises, laughing and smiling at every thing, etc. they’re also doing some atypical stuff like consistently rolling over from tummy to back, mastering a pretty mean cobra and upward dog, wiggling their way arcoss the mat on their bellies, and being able to do awesome leg squats. these boys continue to be the scrappiest boys around.

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