twin talk

we get a lot of attention when we go out. it’s inevitable, the twin thing and all. what surprises me though is how much of that attention comes from other twins/parents of twins/etc. every time, and i mean EVERY TIME, we go out, we meet another twin or twin parent. and they are always so excited to introduce themselves and meet the boys. yesterday at whole foods i met three other twins – a 20-something fraternal brother all punked out, a 40-something balding identical, and a classy fraternal woman in her 50s. i get hugs from perfect twin strangers almost weekly. it’s almost some freaky clan or subculture that you don’t know about until you unknowingly become one. i love it. and i can’t say it enough, it beats the moron non-twins that can only say inane things like “double trouble” when you walk past.

here are some twin tidbits about the boys so far:

– they hold hands when they nurse (sometimes more aggressively than others)
– they stare, and i mean stare, at each other
– they sleep in the same crib (which is getting smaller and smaller)
– they never dress the same
– sometimes we confuse them, even though they are fraternal
– it’s rare that they cry at the same time. when one freaks out, the other is usually dead calm and will do something hilarious like start laughing or wink at me
– they almost never wake each other up when one is crying, flailing about, etc.
– they kick eachother in the head/face/body all the time when on the play mat and could care less

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