mother’s day bliss

what a priveledge for me to spend my first mother’s day with my mom on her 39th. it’s really something to take a step back and witness how your mom has influenced you becoming a mother – your style, disposition, how you handle difficult situations. jordan said to me recently how much of my mom he sees in me. i’ve always been compared to my dad in both personality and looks, but i think now more than ever i’m taking on my mom, which is such an honor for me. when i think of my mom i think of unconditional love, complete generosity and giving of her joy and spirit, a groundedness to her actions, a calm, sensitive anf patient soul. i also think of the fun we always had growing up – just going to the grocery store was an adventure. if i can be even a little bit of these things to our boys, i’ll consider it a success.

grandma and the boys

and w/ ozzy

we spent this special day with my sis-in-law at the crossings spa, while mark and jordan were with the boys. it was a gorgeous day and we hiked, swam in the infinity pool overlooking the balcones canyonland and lake travis, and had amazing massages. i got a watsu, which is a water massage. it was a transforming experience, a dance in the water. the woman who gave me this experience, judy, is a true artist and healer and this is her gift to the world. everyone should have the priveledge of this experience…the world would be a different place.

pure relaxation!

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