we started “ferberizing” the boys this week. it was a tough decision, but after a lot of discussion and soul searching, we decided they were ready and this was the method to use. up until now, they have both been great sleepers, just not great at going to sleep. we would spend lots of time bouncing them on the stability ball to sleep, then very carefully laying them in their crib so as not to wake them. inevitably one would wake up and the whole process would start over. we realized we were perpetuating a very bad habit, one where they were totally dependent on us to sleep, which poses a lot of problems, especially when i’m alone with them.

wednesday night was our first venture. they both cried – ozzy dozed after 45 minutes and abie an hour. they slept a full 7 hours, woke to eat, and went right back down without a peep. it was delightful and they were happy campers in the morning. last night went even better. ozzy didn’t even cry and was off in dreamland within 5 minutes. abie was more textbook and cried for 25 minutes before dozing.

i know this technique is not for everybody, and i seriously had my doubts going into it and searched for a gentler approach. j and i are really excited about how well they have done, however, and the freedom that this technique has given us. and i’m looking forward to using it to establish solid napping during the day once the boys have mastered going to sleep at night. they are both so spirited that it makes sleep during the day pretty difficult…but one step at a time.

now abel is sleeping….

and now he’s not…

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