the boys will be four months old this sunday. well, that’s four months to the date of their birth – the 27th. they already hit the 16 week mark last weekend, but calendar time and weeks old time (translated into months) don’t quite coincide, and i never know which one to actually use. i guess it really doesn’t matter, except when someone asks me how old they are and i accidentally say two weeks younger then they actually are. time certainly does fly.

i met a new friend in our neighborhood who has a 4 week old boy. it’s great having a walking partner during the day, another adult companion to swap stories, laugh and kavetch about motherhood and other things. i love sqwaking to the boys about anything and everything during our walks, but it’s nice to have a compadre. tonight we went for a walk and her boy had a melt down mid-way. it brought me back to 3 months ago, when motherhood felt a lot more uncertain – is he too warm/too cold? is he hungry? maybe a wet diaper? does he not like the stroller? too windy? and then desperation sets in and your heart breaks because your baby’s cry has turned into a high pitched quivering wail. i felt like a seasoned pro during this episode, offering her my best suggestions and my calmest energy. and not that i am a seasoned pro by any means. it’s just that so much happens in 3 months. you learn so much about your baby(ies), what makes them tick, how to soothe them, etc. you also learn so much about yourself and how best to handle situations. and they learn so much about being in this world. it seems like just yesterday, and yet an eternity away, that my boys were this young. and i loved the time that they were so small and precious. but it’s a whole different ball game now that we smile and giggle at eachother, have coo conversations, go for long walks where they are mesmerized by the world around them, etc.

every day they do something that amazes me. today ozzy spent 10 minutes smiling and giggling at himself in the mirror while on his tummy (i think we finally found the key to making tummy time enjoyable for him!). he also grabbed the rattle with both hands and spun the rings around to make it sound. abel rolled from his back to his side yesterday and spins around each night in his crib so that his head ends up where his feet were. they both have been sleeping 11 hour nights for a week now and we can lay them in their cribs awake at bedtime and they put themselves to sleep within 10 minutes – no crying at all! the nursing challenges i struggled with seem like a distant memory, even though it’s only been a week since the improvements started. i actually enjoy breastfeeding these munchkins now! my motto of “it changes as fast as it changes” never lets me down.

so at four months we find ourselves in a very good place and i look forward to every new day with my family – my incredible and loving husband, two healthy and happy boys, the sweetest dog in the world, and even a quirky cat i have grown to love. time is an amazing thing.

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