four month factoids

here are some basics about the boys at 4 months:

– ozzy weighs: 12lb 8oz abel weighs: 12lb 4oz
– amount of milk they get each feed: 4 – 5 oz
(i know this because i have been a paranoid freak when it comes to breastfeeding and them getting enough. we rented a scale this week that measures by the tenth of an ounce. i can even measure how much comes up with a spit up – gross i know, but this is what happens when you become a parent. btw, for all the parents out there w/ spituppy kiddos, a humungous spit up is about a 1/4 of an ounce, so you have nothing to worry about)
– number of times they eat each day: 6 or 7
– average length of time they nurse each feed: 10 minutes
(btw, nursing has become a pleasure for the three of us. we are back to tandem feeding and have become fast and efficient. i can’t believe we made it to 4 months…it’s going so well, i may have to revise my 6 mo. goal!)
– number of hours they sleep each night: 11
– number of hours they sleep each day: it’s anybody’s guess, these boys fight naps like it’s their mortal enemy
– number of times we bounce them on the yoga ball to soothe them/help get them sleepy: at least 3 times
– number of times a day we get in the car to take an afternoon emergency power nap: 1

ozzy is “this close” to rolling from back to front. he arches hard and gets to his side with his hips all the way turned to the front. it’s the arm that gets in his way, but i think he’ll figure it out in a week or so. abie started the arch a while ago, but i guess lost interest in pursuing it the way ozzy has. oz practices in his crib, every time he’s on the play gym, etc. it’s a compulsive thing for him and he won’t rest until he gets it!

abie had his first swim yesterday at deep eddy, a natural spring fed pool that’s on town lake. the water was COLD, so i wasn’t sure how he’d react. he loved it! i kept him close to my chest with arms around him and he wasn’t fazed the least. and he looked super cute in his board shorts! ozzy napped the whole time we were there, which was a good thing because i wasn’t sure how i would manage two in the pool. i actually had my mesh sling with me, thinking i could wear ozzy and hold abie…maybe another day.

they are both talking so much now, babbling to their hanging animals on the play gym for sometimes 15 minutes. they love to rough house with mom and dad and giggle up a storm when we “rawr” at them while tickling their tummies. they both are enchanted by the outdoors and immediately settle when we take a walk in the stroller, in the bjorn, go for a car ride, or just sit them in front of the window.

they also recognize each other all the time now, which has become a bit of a distraction for them while nursing. they stare at each other and then start smiling and cooing. ozzy seems particularly interested in abie and talks to him all the time, as well as grabs his hand and arm and pulls himself over to face him.

we think they are teething; they are drooling A LOT and naw on things, especially our knuckles, at every opportunity. we do sit ups and squat exercises throughout the day, where i pull them up by their hands to a sit position and then they push themselves up to a stand. they absolutely love to be on their feet and have really strong legs, but we’re trying to emphasize belly time and sitting first.

we love our lives with these boys!!! i honestly can’t imagine being any happier or more in love.

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