growing up

i feel like every day the boys do something new – or something clicks inside their brains, and all of a sudden they are playing with a toy in a new way or doing something unexpected.

over the past few days, here’s how our boys have been developing:

– both boys now mimic me when they see me eating. they make the cutest little mushing/munching motions with their mouth!

– ozzy has taken a keen interest in my glass of water! he watches intently and then grabs the glass and pulls it to his mouth. at first i spoon fed him some water. now i let him drink it right out of the glass and he loves it!

– we put together the exersaucer and the boys are enthralled. they love all the toys, especially pushing the buttons that make the animal noises. i didn’t know if they were ready for it and they totally exceeded my expectations. i would show abie once how a toy worked and he would repeat my action immediately. so cool!

– the boys are really aware of matilda now and look for her and even pet/touch her face. they haven’t started to laugh at her yet, but i hear from friends that this is soon coming…we can’t wait (and neither can mati!). here’s oz reaching out for matilda.

– the boys are also propping their feet up on the stroller “bar,” which reminds me of being in grade school and wedging my feet up on the seat in front of me on the bus, or putting my feet up on the desk. it’s hysterical!

– ozzy is seriously physical and only stays on his back long enough to flip to his tummy. he does push ups, up dogs and is intent on moving himself in all directions. he exclusively sleeps on his belly. abie is very non-chalant about rolling. it’s very funny actually because when he does go for it, he’ll fake a stretch and hang out munching on his hand. just in case he doesn’t make it…he wasn’t really trying, anyway!

– peek-a-boo is their absolute favorite game. they laugh their butts off every time. they are also super ticklish on their sides. their favorite sound is a high-pitched kissy noise. i think i am their favorite toy right now. they can amuse themselves forever grabbing my nose and lips, which is a perfect opportunity for me to kiss their hand!

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