meet me in st. louis

the boys took their first plane trip this weekend. we left on saturday for a wedding on sunday and returned to austin on monday – what a whirlwind! the boys did amazing. on the way out, they slept at take-off and woke up at landing. coming home was a little trickier, as our flight was delayed a few hours, which put us right at their bedtime (typically a fussy time). here’s abie catching a snooze on dad at the gate:

they were troopers, though. abie managed to make the biggest poo of his life on the flight home, just as we were hitting weather and the pilot turned on the seatbelt sign. this one couldn’t wait, though.

leelee and papa drove down from chicago to meet us in st. louis and they watched the boys for us while we went to the wedding. they couldn’t believe how big the boys were and ozzy and abie wowed them with their rolls, updogs, standing, giggles and smiles. here’s leelee and papa with ozman:

it was quite a production leaving home for 3 days. i can safely say that we overpacked – but better safe than sorry. the only thing we would have done different is had two small diaper bags – one for me and one for jordan – because the enormous one we were lugging around was a pain in the butt. all in all though, the trip was a huge success and we are very proud of our traveling troupe!

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