rain or shine

it feels like it’s been raining here in austin for the past two months straight (oh, wait…it has!). but the gods have always smiled on us when it is time for our morning walk. this walk has become, next to their bedtime routine, the most consistent daily activity for us. we start off around 6:30am after the boys are fed and changed and we walk for about an hour all around the neighborhood and on the trails. it’s the coolest time of the day (which is very important because by 10am it’s a blazing 90 degrees), the sun is just peeking up, we meet lots of deer and jack rabbits, and often we have nice foggy mornings that hang over the hills to the west and give austin the appearance of, say, marin county.

well, this morning it decided to pour as we were heading out, but no rain could foil our ritual thanks to our trusty BOB weather shield. granted our walk was a little shorter than usual, but it was still a delight. the pitter-patter on the stroller shield lulled abie to sleep within minutes and ozzy loved grabbing the plastic with his feet. matilda defintely got the short end of the stick, but she is always a trooper.

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