we were going to wait until the boys officially turned 6 months next friday to start the solids adventure but, let’s just say my impatience got the best of me. so today was the day and boy was it fun! we decided to start with oatmeal mixed w/ breastmilk, as we didn’t want to introduce anything that might stop them up

we started with abie and he had the quintessential response to new food – “what the heck just landed in my mouth!” he kept opening wide, though, and even though most of the food was pushed right back out, he was terrific.

then came ozzy. this boy was born to eat! he was an old pro, opening wide, taking it all in and swallowing right away. he just wanted more and more and even tried to grab the bowl out of my hands. and oh, the smiles. eating was pure bliss for this lil’ guy.

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