strange days

we have officially entered the land of teething.

this past week has proven to be amongst the strangest we’ve experienced so far. abie refused to eat anything for two days – no nursing, bottle, solids, nothing. he was really lethargic and sleepy and just generally zoned out. i guess the boy copes with pain by turning inwards.

we see his bottom front teeth making their way up and out; they look like two little specks of rice! his appetite is back now and voracious as ever, but he’s now joined his brother in their boycotting of all things related to naps. after months of working with them to be better nappers, we had just gotten to a really good place. three solid naps a day, some of them up to 2 hours, no fussing going down. it was truly a beautiful thing. well now we’re lucky to get 20 minutes out of them and they act like we’re putting them in a torture device when we lay them in their cribs. yesterday they slept a whopping hour…total!

the good news is that they are generally in good spirits during the day as long as they are occupied w/ toys, outings, or me making silly noises. the bad news is that i no longer get those nice breaks during the day to rest and rejuvinate myself. ozzy is at least sleeping through the night still (6:30pm – 5:30am straight) – the boy is a machine! abie hasn’t fared so well and is getting up anywhere from 2 to 4am to nurse and fall asleep snuggling with me.

this recent “situation” has me thinking a lot about teeth in general. i wonder if teeth are really that important after all? really – it hurts like the dickens to get them, once you’ve got them you have to take really good care of them or else they cause you a lot of pain and money, and then you end up losing them anyways! i realize from an evolutionary perspective how important they are – grinding grains with the molars, tearing meat apart with sharp incisors, etc. but since i’ve been making the boys yummy pureed conconctions, would it be so bad to have a diet of velvety mangos and squash? with the advent of the cuisinart and the new wave of “scientific” cooking (see alinea – my favorite is duck on a pillow of lavender air!), maybe we could avoid all of this teeth trauma and live gummily ever after?

nah! then we’d miss out on all those adorable bottom teeth grins!

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