weights & measures

the boys had their 6 mo. check up today (i know, we’re a lil’ late) and here’s how they fared:

abie weighs in at 15lb 2oz and is 25.5 inches tall.
ozzy weighs in at 15lb 6oz and is 25 inches tall.

yay boys for breaking the 15 lb barrier and for tripling your birth weights! doc hudson pronounced the boys very healthy and noted their very muscular legs. all the boys wanted to do was grab his stethescope and eye/ear/throat light thingy. he was impressed with all the food that they eat (since our last post, we’ve added pears, apples, parsnips and butternut squash to their repertoire), and he suggested also feeding them some wild caught fish and whole grains. he basically equated feeding infants to what we would think a caveman would eat…interesting concept. they also got their shots and took ’em like troopers. i was pretty worried what adding shots to the teething mix would look like, but i have to say today was a great day! abie had a two hour nap and we spent the afternoon at the dell children’s museum with rachel and anwen. fun, fun!

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