it’s hard for me to believe that i’ve been breastfeeding the boys for over 6 months now. originally i set short term goals – one month at a time – and once we got to 4 months i upped the ante to 6. breastfeeding was such a challenge for us all that i truly didn’t think we would make it past 4 months. endless pumping, EBM supplements, unhappy feedings (sometimes i would have to nurse them while bouncing on an exercise ball!). but something clicked just as we met our first goal and since then, nursing them has been a pleasure. now it seems like old hat, we’re all so good at it!

i was always constantly worried about how much they were taking in, how much i was producing, etc. it feels so good to not have to think about that anymore. i know they are thriving and that i am giving them/they are taking exactly what they need. we still give them a bottle of formula before bed, mainly because now it is part of our routine and, quite frankly, it gives me a little break from boob circus (anyone who has ever witnessed tandem feeding with, let’s just say, less-than-focused 6 mo. olds, you’ll know what i mean). and now i only pump once before going to bed!

the boys always hold onto each other when they nurse, either holding hands or grabbing each other’s arms or face. they smile, laugh and talk to each other. they smile, laugh and talk to me (and j when he’s in the room). it’s truly one of the most endearing times to interact with them. and while i do nurse them separately on occasion, and i do enjoy the ease and simplicity of it, i have to say we all do a lot better together.

my new goal is a year…or whenever the boys naturally wean themselves. i can honestly say that nursing these guys has been one of the most challenging things i have every done…but now i am definitely feeling all the rewards!

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