sweet as abel

abel is pure sugar. he smiles with his sparkley eyes and your heart bursts. he’s known to capture audiences with his smiles, laughs and chirps wherever we go – last weekend it was at banana republic and the store was circled around the stroller. of course it helps when his bro is smiling and talking like a teradactyl! we like to call abie our ham bone – social butterfly is more like it.

abie has a rather deep voice but he manages these sweet high pithed noises like a little bird. again…heart-busting. patient and understanding, abie will play quietly on his gym or in his exersaucer while i attend to other business. this boy LOVES his mobile and will often forego naps to tug at the hanging animals. he also is a happy boy in the kiddie pool and will bounce from one end to the other, delighted that he can touch the bottom and walk! i think abie might walk before ozzy because this boy is all about standing. he tries to use the arches of the play gym to pull himself up but is much more successful when he cruises on the outside of the exersaucer. abie sits well unassisted and is quickly catching up to ozzy on the crawling front.

abel is a total snuggle bunny. for awhile he was waking up around 4am to nurse in bed with me and then fall asleep snuggled in the crook of my arm. he has some interesting ways to soothe himself – who needs a binkie or a thumb when you’ve got dad’s goatee or your own feet! abie is one tactile fellow. we often catch him lost in dreamland caressing the pillow, the grass or the blanket.

abie loves to eat and has an impressive “open wide.” i do fun choo-choo train and airplane noises with the spoon just for the heck of it, but it’s never necessary! abie is all about horsing around and is beside himself with joy when we do “super baby” with him and hold him upside down. in fact, he just likes being being upside down in general and will often hang out draped over my lap with his head dangling.

jordan discovered abie’s most ticklish spot – his quads! we love to tickle this little monkey and just about any typical spot will get him going. and we love to get him laughing in anticipation. just looking at him and wiggling your fingers will set him off into hysterics.

we called this boy “stable abel” in utero as he was steadily head down, and while he certainly moved a lot, he never did the full-on somersaults and butt thrusts that his brother was known for. he continues to be our rock at seven months, always comforting ozzy when he’s upset with a hand on his shoulder or head – he’s just beyond sweet!

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