the land of oz

ozzy lounging around at 7 months

at seven months our ozzy has fully reverted back to the personality we witnessed in utero. squirmy, wiggly and always on the move, oskar knows what he wants and how to get it. he is always looking all around, wanting to know what is going on and how he can get in on the action. he loves whatever abie has, and grabs toys, blankets and binkies from him. good thing abie is pretty patient and rarely complains.

ozzy’s favorite activity continues to be the bucking bronco. he gets on all fours and bucks away with a huge smile on his face. after about 5 minutes that smile turns to some frustration as he realizes all that bucking isn’t transporting him anywhere! we definitely thought he’d be crawling by now, given the fact he’s been doing the bronco for over a month now.

oz sits very well and doesn’t need any assistance. we stay close by just in case he decides to flop over, but he can usually hang out and play with toys, etc. for a good 10 – 15 minutes before he gets tired. sometimes he cheats and hangs on to the arches of the play gym as he bats and pulls the hanging toys. at least we know our brawny boy has brains to match! we are also now bathing oz in a sitting position and he loves to splash. the more water he can get onto abie’s face, the better!

from day one this boy has been an eating machine. he moans and groans and basically wants me to shovel food into his mouth. he takes huge bites and can finish off two bowls of oatmeal with some mango or squash in a flash. he likes just about everything, well, er, except for peas which made him gag…literally. he also wants to eat/drink anything that we are consuming at the moment. he MUST drink from the water glass when we have a glass in hand, and yesterday he tried to inhale my asian pear.

in juxtapose to all his gumption, ozzy also has a very soft, tender and mellow side. he sleeps so easily at night, probably due to all the horsing around during the day. he’s out for a solid 11 hours and then typically will wake up to refuel and go down for another hour or so. he smiles and coos at me when he nurses, and sometimes bursts out with belly laughs – it’s the best! and once oz gets going, then abie is soon to follow. then eating becomes, well, an afterthought. ozzy is super ticklish on his sides and it doesn’t take much to get this guy roaring. even just looking at him in a funny way will do it!

i’ve noticed ozzy is a little bit clingy with me and slightly suspicious of strangers. he holds on tight to my shoulders and chest when i carry him around and he reaches for me all the time, even when his daddy is holding him. he loves to look at and play w/ books – it’s definitely one of his favorite activities. he’s also completely taken with matilda and reaches out for her all the time. when he’s upset or fussy, it’s mati to the rescue! she’s become the best nanny for the boys…no one can distract them better.

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