i heart costco

i used to HATE big-box stores. actually, capitals on the word hate doesn’t even convey how much i despised these places. they’re eye sores, they overconsume space, they hurt local economies, they perpetuate bad urban planning, they always have terrible florescent lighting that hurts my eyes, etc. several years back i vowed i would never shop at one of these atrocities.

i eat my words.

i love costco for so many reasons. their prices, their organics, their proximity to my house. but the best reason is because their carts have a spot for two kiddos! i no longer have to lug the snap-n-go out of the car and then somehow manuever it, plus an oversized shopping cart, through the gargantuan store. and the boys LOVE IT!

today we strolled in and i noticed ozzy put his arm around abie. it was adorable. he kept it there for like 3 minutes and before i knew it he was on to consuming my coupon book. i thought to myself, what a sweet, fleeting gesture…but then, low and behold, abie puts his arm around ozzy.

forget about i heart costco. ozzy hearts abie. abie hearts ozzy. but i heart my boys the most!

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