weekend with lee-lee

we are all very sad to see the wonderful weekend with my mom (aka lee-lee) come to a close. the boys had so much fun playing with their grandma and showing her all their new tricks (crawling, pulling up to a stand, eating like horses, sitting in high chairs in restaurants, etc.). and lee-lee gave j and i one of the best presents ever – on saturday she watched the boys while the two of us spent the day at the glorious crossings spa! we swam in the infinity pool overlooking the balcones canyonlands, basked in the sun, went for a hike, swam some more, and capped it all off with a couples watsu massage (water massage). we honestly felt like we were on vacation and couldn’t believe we were only 20 minutes away from our house for 5 hours! j and i came home feeling like different people, and the boys loved every minute of having their lee-lee all to themselves while we were gone. grandmas really do have the magic touch – oz napped for 2.25 hours and abie 1.5 hours for lee-lee! there were non-stop smiles and laughs in our house this weekend…we’ll miss you lee-lee!

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