big eight brothers

happy eight month birthday, abie and ozzy!

man, do you guys keep us on our toys! oz has been crawling for over a week now and keeps getting faster and venturing farther. he loves to stand and grabs my shoulders to pull himself up. abie is more into the fine motor skills and is mastering a clap with his hands and is also waving now. he’s working diligently on the big “c” and makes good progress every day. he commandos real well but won’t be content until he masters the technically-accurate version.

oz and abe are sorting out their relationship constantly. on our walk yesterday, i popped to the front of their stroller to say hello and found them holding hands! of course, later that day abie screamed in frustration/anger as his brother grabbed the flash card out of his hand and proceeded to crawl on top of him. i don’t think i need to tell you which boy is the aggressive one!

the best way to describe life with the boys at this point is a non-stop rollercoaster ride. we have stretches of incredible days, little to no fussiness, just happiness and laughs all around. and just when we start to get lulled into complacency – wham! we get slammed with several days of, for lack of a better word, funk. early mornings, crappy naps, crabby boys and ultra-tired/stressed parents. those pearly whites have still yet to make their grand entrance and the boys are chewing on those fingers (and everything else!) more than ever. and while i hate to blame bad days on teething, i can’t think of what else it could be. this week we’ve had a busy social calendar and the boys have melted down on two occasions (misery loves company). tomorrow we are hosting a huge play group. there will be 8 moms/dads and 9 kiddos. holy moly…cross your fingers the boys snap out of their social slump by tomorrow!

it’s so hard to believe that eight months have passed. our neighbors had a little girl 9 days ago and we stopped by to drop off some dinner and see their beautiful bundle. i was really taken aback by how tiny she was (6lb and change) – and to think, the boys were even smaller than she was! i remember when i didn’t think they would ever be big boys. well, they looked like monsters compared to her!

so with that…happy birthday our wonderful, crazy, jubilant, crabby, funny, fussy, giddy, curious, happy, beautiful boys. you are the joys of our lives, yuck and glory all the same, and we love you with all our hearts!

out of the way – here i come!

budding designer…ozzy reads dwell

abie’s notorious smile!

abie practicing his crawl (they love to chase the formula can!)

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