my achin’ back

now i know why my arms, shoulders and back have been aching so bad lately…we weighed the boys today and wowsas! i was surprised when abie weighed in at 17lb12oz but then oz tipped the scales at 18lb1oz. i knew they were feeling a lot heavier, but i really didn’t expect them to weigh this much. where did my little guys go?!?

i know i get stronger as they get bigger, but this seems like a lot even for me to carry around! i hold them at the same time ALL THE TIME, and the realization that they’re getting close to 40lbs total is mind-blowing. fellow twin parents will understand the different logistics of carrying around two babies. i pick them both up and put them in/take them out of:

– their high chairs (hard! one foot has to hold one down while i buckle the other in)
– their stroller (easy, but becomes more difficult when i have to open the garage door with my foot hoisted 4 feet in the air because i have 40 lbs of babies in my arms)
– their cribs (easy w/ the mattress in its highest position – it’s becoming necessary to lower it and so this will get monumentally harder once that happens)
– their car seats (this is actually a lot easier now because they both can grab and hold onto my shoulders while i lift them out)
– the arm chair where they nurse (this is actually the hardest to get them situated because of getting the monster U-shaped pillow around me while they are trying to crawl over me to get to the end table)

i’m not quite sure how much longer all this will last. probably not much more, now that oz is quite the crawler and abie is on his way. it will be nice when both boys can just follow me into the kitchen! before this all comes to an end, i want to document all the crazy things i have learned to do while holding two babies. most of these have become obsolete, but at one point i have to say i even amazed myself at how resourceful i was (and i’m sure jordan can also say at one point he was proficient at these things as well!).

– picking up burp clothes from the floor with my toes and kicking them up to my shoulders/hands/head/wherever it landed!
– holding both boys with one arm while leaning over crib to pick up binkies with my free hand
– making and warming up two bottles!
– bouncing on the stability ball (we learned this one real quick when they were little)
– answering the phone (only when i could see the caller ID and it was someone i wanted to talk to)
– checking email
– getting the mail at the end of the driveway (only did once – so not worth it)

so all you twin parents out there, we’d love to hear all your crazy accomplishments while holding both your babes. it’s something to be very proud of…even prouder of the fact that no babies were (hopefully) ever dropped along the way!

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