abie’s day

today was a big day for our abie j. he crawled AND he pulled up on me and furniture into a stand! his smile while doing these things is so huge…you can tell how proud of himself he is. with these big changes, the dynamic between him and oz changed instantaneously. oz had been, more or less, bullying abie a bit. he just knew what he wanted and he was able to get it, whether that meant crawling over abie or ripping it out of his hand to get it! abie all of a sudden has become mister assertive and today was crawling and rolling on top of oz man and taking his toys!!! at one point, i reffed a crib wrestling match for about 5 minutes. they are having a blast together, giggling and squealing at one another, and not more than 1 minute after breaking up their match today they were snuggling and laughing.

here is abie getting his crawl on

oz is getting really good at pulling himself into a stand on just about everything. today he discovered he can climb on top of, and over, matilda. you can see that matilda is really bothered by all of this!

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