our nation’s capitol

one week ago today we set out for our capitol city adventure. our reason for traveling was my good friend anne’s wedding – the anne who swore she would NEVER EVER get married. of course she’s been with pete, one out of a handful of the sweetest guys on the planet, for almost 15 years now. she finally caved in and we had to be there to celebrate the occasion. it was an intimate, touching and joyful celebration set in the gorgeous mccrillis gardens in bethesda. here we all are with the beautiful couple:

the next day the couple hosted an awesome picnic at a farm out in the country. the weather couldn’t have been more perfect – 70 and not a cloud in the sky – and the boys were thrilled to romp around on the soft grass (our texas grass is a thick, course bermuda variety). ozzy crawled from person to person and used laps and legs as a launch pad for showing off his standing skills. at one point he took off crawling – 10 feet, then 20 and 30 feet away. we couldn’t figure out where he was going and then we realized he was chasing his shadow! our wonderful friend jeannie and her family came in from seattle for the festivities and we loved every second we got to spend with them. here’s oz-man, jeannie and her beautiful clone (i mean daughter) elise:

monday was jamp-packed with site seeing in d.c. proper. both jordan and i had been to d.c. as kids, but had very little recollection of seeing the monuments. and while we usually take the roads less traveled (and our style is usually to tour the ‘hoods instead of the obvious sites), we both felt compelled to see the mall. we were pretty overwhelmed with the, er, monumentality of it all. and the boys received an unprecedented amount of attention. we could hardly walk 5 feet without someone stopping to talk to the boys. and they indulged all their new friends, most of them elder tourists, with their trademark smiles.

the elevator was out at the lincoln memorial so we took turns running the boys up the stairs to see the giant statue. here’s jordan’s favorite picture – some guy captured j and abie but only managed to get lincoln’s feet in the picture!

we took a rest next to the reflecting pool, fed the boys their lunch and gave them some room to move.

next stop was the willard hotel for a delicious al fresco lunch with our friend jamie. the willard boasts so many important moments, including where MLK finished his “i have a dream” speech, as well as where the word “lobbyist” was coined. oz decided it was the perfect spot to practice his table dancing skills.

after lunch we decided to take a drive to mount vernon, the home of george and martha washington. we were blown away with the beauty of the property – doesn’t get much better than to hug the potomac. we were less impressed with the plastic ham displayed on george’s dining table. the boys loved playing in george’s backyard.

the finale to our three perfect days in d.c. was a not-so-perfect 2.5 hour traffic jam on our way back to the hotel and during the boys’ bedtime. i did the cardinal sin and took the boys out of their car seats to nurse (not at the same time, don’t worry!). we were barely moving so what’s the worst that could happen. that and 45 minutes of ridiculous versions of “row, row, row your boat” helped the boys keep it together. we finally made it back to the hotel at 7:30pm, whisked the boys to bed and jordan and i relaxed with a strong caphirina. ahhh…now that’s a perfect ending.

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