so much so fast

the boys are heading into their nine month birthday at the end of this week and all i can say is “holy moly!” things are rapidly changing around here. it seems like just a few weeks ago things were peaceful and quiet and then WHAM.

in a matter of days, ozzy is zooming around the house, standing on anything and everything, cruising on furniture, and it now takes at least 30 minutes to get him down for a nap because he MUST BE STANDING. and i thought rolling was an obsession for him at 3.5 months. that was nothing! oz continues to be the pickier eater of the two, mainly he declines vegetables. but he’s voracious when it comes to his fruit and cereal and has even become adventurous with some finger foods. he can feed himself a “puff” but then gags on it (scary and funny!), and yesterday he tried my lomein noodles and loved them. oz is a bit reserved when it comes to strangers and gives them a skeptical look at first. he quickly warms up and then reaches out for whomever intrigues him. he loves the ladies who do the samples at costco! ozzy is a master raspberry blower and makes really cute, high pitched, “eh, eh” noises. if you imitate him, he’ll imitate back and you can have a wild conversation for a few minutes.

where oz is a bit reserved, abie is an absolute flirt. he’s more social then all of us combined! he’ll smile and coo at strangers and when they stop to talk, he’ll wave his arms up and down with the hugest grin you’ve ever seen. abie is the master at fine motor skills. he’s been practicing clapping for a few weeks now and mastered it over the weekend. and it’s not just a clap motion – he smacks those hands together and gets a good noise from it! he waves to people and he also has a good pincer grasp. abel is our communicator and will babble on for hours with his mamababararadadas. he LOVES toys that rattle or jingle and will often play with maracas or objects that shake in both hands. he has mastered getting into a sitting position independently and pulls himself to a stand easily from a sit. his crawl is slow and he still does a lot of inch-worming – which is fine by me! i almost think he might start scooting on his butt because he does this funny bobbing action while he’s sitting and can really move! abie is a great eater. he’s like mikey – he’ll gobble up absolutely anything, including the veggies his brother refuses. his trademark noise is the lip smack. he smacks ’em when he’s hungry, but also when he’s tired. he also does this really high-pitched bird noise which is to die for.

the boys are in a great place as far as their relationship goes. we had some issues with ozzy stealing and abie getting upset, but abie has become much more assertive the past few weeks and will stand his ground. they smile and laugh at each other. they hold hands regularly in the stroller or in the shopping cart. they climb on top of one another. and they seem genuinely concerned when their brother is upset. the boys love to run errands with me – they just like being out and about. they definitely get a little stir crazy if they are inside for too long. they also LOVE being outside and are content to just hang out on the blanket or grass laughing at matilda, playing with leaves, or being mesmerized by the wind blowing through the trees. now that’s a good life!

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