i spy

our day isn’t complete without a peek (or two) into the boys’ room while they are sleeping. there is honestly nothing like creeping into their room and gazing down into their cribs. my heart and my brain say, “those are MY babies in there sleeping…oh my gosh, look at how they are sleeping with their butts sticking way up in the air!…i wish i could just nuzzle and snuzzle them right now…or maybe take a big bite of their bellies!…how did i get so lucky…they are just so darn beautiful.”

we’ve had some pretty hysterical moments tip-toeing around their room, too. i guess our guys fall on the “light” end of the sleeping spectrum, a trait they definitely inherited from their father (i can sleep through a herd of cattle running next to me). as we’ve been peering down, straining to see our sweet ones in the darkness, all of a sudden one (or both!) start stretching, rolling, making noises, etc. i wish i had a hidden camera to watch j and i duck down on the floor and hand-signal to each other what our plan of escape will be. we’ve actually crawled out of their room a few times!

even with these close calls, i doubt our spying will end anytime soon.

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